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This page is still up?

I feel some kinda way....

More to post when I have a moment

Father's Day...

Seeing all of these pictures of Fathers and their kids makes me misty and want to have some of my own.

I Haven't Posted On Here In A Minute....

And I miss the old days of Livejournal.
I finished my book with 2 days to spare. I wrote a book with 50,371 word. That means I wrote an average of 1,798 words a day to reach my goal. I'm going to chill and rest my overworked brain.

However this does mean I can't say I'm not a writer ... I've written three novels this way and I need to get them published and do this full time.



It was tough today with the holidays to keep discipline but I wrote 1,982 today and it leaves me with only 1,989 words left before I reach 50,000 and make the contest. #NaNoWriMo


It was a Great writing day even thought it meant the of a death of a major character in the book. So today I had 2,269 words written. This gave me a 46,029 total written. Now I only have 3,971 left to write. #NaNoWriMo


Good Day for #NaNoWriMo for me. Wrote 1,747 words today after pushing myself to finish. I have only 6,240 words left to write with 4 days to go to reach 50,000 words.


Wrote 1,692 words today for #NaNoWriMo before the 12am deadline. I got only 9,067 words to go with only 7 days to go to reach 50,000


So I wrote 2,015 today. And with 10,759 left to write I got 9 Days to rock those out before I finish #NaNoWriMo