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From The Dawg House

Musings From The Life Of The Dawg!

15 October 1969
I was born son of a sharecropper . . . No Sorry that's George Jefferson. I was born under a star-filled sky . . . No that's Harriet Tubman. Actually, I was born 37 years ago in Brooklyn, New York to a mother who was a dreamer and a father who was in the military. We traveled around the greater United States and Europe and during that time I gained a sister and two brothers.

While growing up I developed an imaginative spirit that I express everyday
in my writing and "impfull" nature.

I graduated from South Carolina State University . . . . where I received a degree in Professional English.....

Currently now I'm working for an internet search marketing firm where I'm just waiting for my own big break when my first novel is FINALLY published.

I live in Atlanta, have no kids of my own and no other responsibilities except for where and when I'm playing my next Playstation 3 game.